Is Beliveau Dog & Kid Friendly?


Is Beliveau Dog & Kid Friendly?


Those who have visited our farm know all about our breathtaking views, award-winning wines, delicious food, and relaxed, friendly atmosphere. But did you know that we’re a dog-friendly and kid-friendly establishment? That’s right: this farm isn’t only for adults! 

A common misperception about a day at a winery is that you have to leave your kids and dogs behind in order to enjoy quality time with your 21 and older friends. Although this is, for some, a pleasant time, every trip to the winery does not have to mean grabbing a baby or dog sitter last minute. We want everyone to enjoy the farm! 

At Beliveau, we welcome kids to eat, play and spend time with their families and friends just as you would. We have specific areas for families, like the plaza with sandboxes for play and tables for eating. Dogs and kids alike can also enjoy the on-site hiking trails and open areas to run. While the adults admire the land for its stunning vistas and picnicking spots, canine friends and young ones love to run along the hills. 

In-house events at Beliveau are also family-focused, such as different Mother’s and Father’s day events, the Lavender Festival, and various nights of music. Each of these provides different entertainment and activities that fit your family’s style of relaxation. We have Dog Days, too, to celebrate your four-legged best friends. 

Are children and dogs only allowed on-site for specific events? Nope! Children and dogs are welcome all year round, although dogs must be leashed and are only allowed outside. We do hold events that are designated as 21+ events, in which all guests must meet that minimum age requirement. Those events will always be advertised as such, so you’ll know to prepare a sitter beforehand. 

For those who haven’t had a chance to visit our scenic estate, we want to share our piece of paradise with you. We offer a space for any event, from weddings to corporate retreats; our beautiful 165 acres can speak for itself. Whether it is a short afternoon or a long stay at our inn, we hope everyone will come experience the joy we have spending time at Beliveau. We have activities and spaces catered for all of your furry and little ones, so come out and spend the day with us!